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Available in a multitude of styles and colours to fit every taste, a customized vanity will always add more space to your bathroom. We can help you to plan and execute a great bathroom renovation within your budget because all of our quality bathroom vanities are produced in-house allowing us to have full control over the process.

Choices of modern bathroom vanities

People in today's society pay attention to simple and noble design, they want to get pure enjoyment, and the modern bathroom cabinets are the perfect examples. The excellent quality is revealed in the details. From the point of view of the craftsman, we can learn from the following steps to choose the favorite modern bathroom cabinets.

The basin-type dehydration operation switch requires only one push, and the operation does not require a lifting rod. The chrome treatment of the water cover is also particularly convenient. A compact composite of solid steel and high-resistance glass also combines the advantages of both materials, which also achieves a unique look.

In addition, the sustainability of custom bathroom vanity is also worth considering. It is best to recycle 100% or use only natural raw materials through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and the installation method of custom bathroom vanity can be floor-standing or wall-mounted.

Most of the bathroom's drains are on the ground, so there are more floor-standing bathroom cabinets. Whether it is installation or maintenance, floor-standing custom bathroom vanity is more convenient.

If the drain opens on the wall, you can choose a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, which can save space, reduce the corner of the floor, make cleaning easier, reduce moisture erosion and extend the life of the bathroom cabinet, which is also practical, good-looking and high-end.

Bathroom cabinet materials can also be divided into: solid wood, PVC, acrylic and so on.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet is warm, natural, noble and elegant with low formaldehyde emission, more healthy and environmentally friendly, but the price is relatively high. PVC bathroom cabinets with similar counter tops and solid wood are more colorful, waterproof and plastic. The design is novel and the styles are diverse to meet the needs of different consumers. Acrylic achieves a variety of styles, excellent waterproof performance, whose material is very brittle and easy to produce scratches and cracks.

The wash basin can be divided into based on different types: the above counter basin, the under counter basin, and the column type.

Above counter basin with exquisite shape and diverse styles can be adapted to different styles of bathroom to meet the needs of consumers. And when installing, directly put the basin on the table surface to glue, the installation process and the later replacement and maintenance are more convenient. However, cleaning is a little troublesome, especially when the basin and the counter top are glued, it is easy to become black and affect the appearance.

Under counter basin does not destroy the flatness of the counter top, and the daily cleaning is relatively convenient. However, compared with the above counter basin, installation, disassembly and maintenance are complicated and inconvenient.

Column type is more suitable for small-area bathroom installation. The column-type wash basin also has many styles with unique and beautiful appearances. However, the storage effect of the column-type wash basin is relatively poor, whereas it can be combined with the mirror cabinet or the wall rack to increase the storage capacity of the washing area.

The choice of bathroom cabinet is not only related to daily use, but also affects the value of the bathroom, so the choice of custom bathroom vanity can be selected according to the style of decoration.

Production process of modern bathroom cabinets


Nowadays, people are progressively pursuing a higher quality of life, and the requirements for all aspects of home life are gradually improving. The configuration of the bathroom is one of them. Do you know the relevant production process of modern bathroom cabinets? Let's take a look.

Firstly, measuring the color and age of the wood according to the number of the bathroom cabinets and select the appropriate materials for different parts of use. Those whose general appearance is neat, the color is beautiful and consistent, and the surface part of the cabinet are used to make the surface of the modern bathroom vanities. The nodes must be treated with a special process (such as the part of the node to be filled with professional filling material before it can be used for the manufacture of the bathroom cabinet). Use the back of the custom bathroom vanity or other inconspicuous parts; if it is found to be deteriorated, deformed or infected by the cockroach, it should be discarded to ensure the consistency of the quality of the bathroom cabinet.

Secondly, cutting should be done according to the professional production work book (customized products according to the specially drawn drawings), , the required materials of different parts are opened into different sizes according to the specific molding.

Thirdly, grinding the opened wood to remove burrs and residual bark and scratches on the surface, the procedure will be repeated several times during the production process.

Fourthly, drilling of the custom bathroom vanity uses professional precision bench drills and other professional tools to pre-drill the structural mounting holes of the wood. The secondary process has been professionally designed to ensure that no mounting holes are visible on the surface of the installed bathroom cabinet.

Fifthly, patching up the imported raw materials which are generally about 1000*60*20mm forming the side plates, door panels and bottom plates of the bathroom cabinets must be put into a lot of efforts and attention to craftsmanship and precision. The selected and polished wood of the same size will be prevented from being placed in a specific mold, and the rubber sheet will be applied to the parts to be spliced, and then pressed and fixed from the periphery and the upper and lower sides with a professional jig for 24 hours. At the same time, in the process of spelling, there is a large surface, such as the bottom plate, which will be calculated and grooved by professional engineers according to the force area and expansion and contraction coefficient to prevent the cabinet from being deformed in the future based on the principle of seam of the rail and slotting on the cement road.

Last, polishing the assembled cabinet plate several times with a professional polishing machine. The polishing machine can be classified into plane polishing machine,  profile polishing machine, spherical polishing machine, irregular polishing machine and manual polishing machine to process different shapes of wood. The polishing machine has a special classification of the rough polish and the fine polish, and the polishing wheel are different in thickness and materials. And then there is cutting, painting and the last step, loading.

From the above procedure, we can see that the production of modern bathroom cabinets is quite complicated.

Attentions on using the custom bathroom vanity


Modern bathroom vanities are not as uniform as kitchen cabinets. You can create a variety of bathroom cabinets anywhere in the bathroom. It can be an angle cabinet, a curved cabinet, a box cabinet or a detachable modular cabinet placed behind the door. But they must be in line with the overall design of the bathroom, from the color of the material to the size of the shape, all must be coordinated with other facilities, otherwise it will give people a feeling of redundancy.

You can design different sizes of modern bathroom cabinets depending on the bathroom area. The traditional bathroom space is small, so you can choose a single cabinet combined with a mirror or a hanging cabinet for the corner, and underneath the mirror edge, which does not affect the original space or replace the basic equipment, so that the small bathroom can be equipped with delicate and practical storage. We should also pay attention to the following points in our daily activities.

For any kind of faucet product, there is no need to use excessive force while switching, just gently twist or move the modern bathroom cabinets. Products with hoses should be kept in a natural stretch to avoid breakage.

The shower head metal hose of the bathtub faucet should be kept in a natural stretch state and do not coil it on the faucet when not in use. At the same time, whether using or not, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the valve body to avoid breaking or damaging the hose.

The closing of the spiral-stabilized rubber faucet is not complete. Usually, it is only necessary to remove the handle when the hard object is caught in the sealing port. Unscrew the bonnet and the valve core to remove the impurities and then install modern bathroom vanities.

If the ceramic valve plug sealing nozzle is not completely closing, the hard surface may scratch the sealing surface or the preload force applied to the valve core will be insufficient.

In case of leakage at the connection point of the nozzle, which is usually caused by the fact that the assembly part is not tightened, you could just tighten it. It’s normal if the amount of water dripping is equivalent to the residual water in the mouth of the nozzle after the water source is closed.

There are many reasons for the deformation of the tiles, mainly: weak resistance to deformation of the formula, temperature difference of firing, shrinkage of the upper and lower layers, brick walking, deformation of the sticks, deformation and polishing at the later stage. The deformation cannot be completely solved, only reduced.

The color of the bathroom cabinet is varied, and the light color modern bathroom vanities are still the mainstream. The pure white bathroom cabinets create an elegant and clean bathroom that is both beautiful and comfortable, with a touch of comfort and calm. The entire palette is seamless with the whiteness of the ceramic washbasin. Elegant colors make you feel like you are in a quiet world. After having been through a tough day, you can enjoy the freshness of nature and feel at ease when you enter this space. In addition, a translucent mirror will give you a cool feeling.

Above all, these are the notes worth noting for a better user experience.


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