Remodeling or Building A Bathroom?

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  • Date:03/08/2019

Remodeling or building a bathroom? Vanities & Cabinets are an important part of any bathroom design. Custom bathroom cabinets Manufacturer Enrich want to tell you some bathroom cabinets knowledge.


Someone once said that the minimalist design pays attention to returning to the truth. After removing all the redundancy that is not related to the theme, it is not necessary to supplement the works with other meanings such as decoration, symbolism, etc., and only keep the most basic and important. Part, presented in the pure form.


It can be said that today, the bathroom cabinet is an important item for people. It is not only a cabinet for washing and storage but also a product that shows personality in the bathroom.


In the early morning light, the faucet was opened, and a splash of water awakened the unconscious mind. It seems that the things that have been stored in the drawer have become extraordinarily interesting.

custom modrern bathroom cabinets

When creating a simple and practical cabinet, the designer said that the white bathroom can give people a clean and clean feeling, then white as the main color can be, the whole shape is very simple, people will like this design.


The clear texture visible to the naked eye, like the natural breath, is the preferred taste of wood, E1 grade, E0 grade environmentally friendly wood, no odor is produced when it is waterproof and moisture proof.

wood bathroom cabinet

The cabinet becomes simpler and purer, and the handle is removed directly. The invisible push-type pop-up drawer can be designed to avoid accidental injury to children in sharp places and attract people with details.


After removing all unnecessary parts, the information that needs to be expressed is not missing.

Simple life concept, light and elegant, the temperament is full.

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