A beautiful kitchen, stunning the whole home! Must see if you are preparing to decorate

Date:2021-11-29  |  Read: 1525  |  

A beautiful kitchen can not only create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, but also show the owner's taste and grade, giving people a beautiful and delicious feeling. As the saying goes, "see the living room to know the master's career achievements, and the kitchen to know the master's life taste". With the demand for people's quality of life, the colors, materials, and shapes of the overall cabinets are also increasing, providing people with more diversified choices.

High-end custom cabinets

Enrich's cabinets do not please people with flashy designs, and do not make too many decorations in colors and shapes. Instead, they are presented with high-quality details to impress people. The function and aesthetics are perfectly integrated, and the true meaning of quality life is pursued to the greatest extent. Let the residents in it feel the harmony of art and life.

Enrich cabinets are made of imported suede lacquered panels, which have a delicate suede texture like baby skin. When touched by hand, it looks like silk entwined at the fingertips. It is silky and delicate, which is very advanced, conveying a kind of woody warmth.

The glass door wine cabinet makes this space more layered, with ultra-low reflectivity, reducing light reflection, and soft colors to create a more intimate and more suitable living environment.

Pesaro suede series kitchen cabinets transform the materials and craftsmanship of industrial design into a simple form of expression, returning the design to its original point.

The modern line language runs through the entire design. The suede gray board can be matched with different decorative materials, the color is natural, the aluminum alloy skirting with lights, and the detailed carving reflects the delicate and intimacy of the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet adopts a handle-free design, the overall look is more harmonious, reflecting the simple and fashionable design concept.

High-end custom cabinets

Enrich cabinets adopt a two-shaped space layout, which can reuse the kitchen aisle space, improve the efficiency of space use, and embellish the space with soft, tranquil and warm, coupled with the matte surface presented, people can relax the body and mind.

The suede series of kitchen cabinets transform the materials and craftsmanship of industrial design into a simple form of expression, return the design to the original point, integrate rationality and sensibility, remove the carvings, return to the fundamentals of life, and create the beauty of light luxury.