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Enrich focused on core objective, we take great pride in our ability and appreciate the opportunity to offer beautiful and unique modern bathroom vanities and built in sliding wardrobes solutions, aimed at reaching the best value for all of our clients.


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Enrich design team consists of professional designers with more than 10 years experience.We are also teaming up with prominent intemational designers to achieve our clients' requirement.


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Why choose modern bathroom vanities supplier - Enrich?

We are the professional solution provider of kitchens, wardrobes & bathroom vanities for global projects. Our products include RTG cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, mirrored wardrobe closet, etc. Wherever you are,we will serve you with our passion.


Solution experience team providing top level execution. support for global projects.


Advanced software to provide accurate drawings and quotations on time.


Barcode system with inline and random inspection guarantee the good quality.


After service: installation guidance & after sales regular visiting.


Enrich is a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, supplying various kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and bathroom cabinets. Besides, we can provide you custom kitchen cabinets design service. We will publish some latest news about our products like built in sliding wardrobes and company. Welcome to attain more information.

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How to Purchase Manufacturers of Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home.

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How Many Bathroom Vanity Units Suppliers Are Available?

Choosing how many bathroom vanity units to purchase can be a very challenging task.

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Remodeling or Building A Bathroom?

Remodeling or building a bathroom? Vanities & Cabinets are an important part of any bathroom design. Custom bathroom cabinets Manufacturer Enrich want to tell you some bathroom cabinets knowledge.

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To Open Kitchens, Can You Overcome These Two Problems?

We are a leading home kitchen cabinets manufacturer and supplier in China, supplying various kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and so on. Besides, we can provide you custom kitchen cabinets design service. Open kitchen is popular in modern buildings. But there two problems for open kitchen, lets see what they are and how to solve them.

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Some Knowledge About Bathroom Cabinets

Enrich is one of the leading sliding door wardrobes company in China, we not only offering beautiful home kitchen cabinets products such as wooden kitchen cupboards but something much more like double sink vanity unit. Todays, we would tell you some knowledge about bathroom cabinets.

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Six Tricks Make the Bathroom Cabinet Not Moldy

The moisture in the bathroom is often troubled by many owners. The damp environment not only makes people uncomfortable to use but also makes the bathroom cabinet moldy, which shortens the service life of the cabinet. How to make the bathroom cabinet not wet and not moldy, use it longer? Here are six methods, hope bathroom cabinets manufacturers Enrich can help you!

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Nine Protection Items of the Bathroom Cabinet Can Save a Lot of Money

As a good bathroom companion, the bathroom cabinet plays an indispensable role in our bathroom. However, everything has its service life. Let's follow Enrich modern bathroom vanities supplier take a look at the 9 major maintenance items of the bathroom cabinet. Knowledge extends the length of use of bathroom cabinets.

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The Bathroom Can Also Have A Fairy Tale Taste

Modern bathroom vanities are popular additions to contemporary homes. Enrich offers the most eye-catching designs in custom bathroom vanity cabinets as well as double sink vanity unit. Today, we will introduce a special home bathroom with fairy tale taste.

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How to Match the Cabinet with the Most Cost-Effective

As the leading home kitchen cabinets suppliers Enrich specializing in modern cabinets such as wooden kitchen cupboards, kitchen cupboards and doors, today we would like to tell you how to match the cabinet with the most cost-effective, which let you have a good purchasing experience.

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Creative Use of the Top of the Cabinet

Home kitchen cabinets supplier - Enrich introduces a variety of home furnishing ideas in this chapter, from home decorating ideas to storage techniques, to making your home full of more green inspiration. With these ideas and inspirations, you can create a space that you like to call home.

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How to Choose the Cabinet Handle

Enrich was created to be the most professional solutions provider of home kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and vanities for projects throughout the world. Not only offering beautiful products but something much more. Today, we will want to tell you how to choose the cabinet handle.

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Whole Wardrobe Or Woodworking, Which is Better?

The whole wardrobe or woodworking wardrobe, which one is best, depending on what kind of wardrobe you want, including what materials? What style do you want? Focus on environmental performance, after-sales service, etc. Let ’s sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich analyze it separately.

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Choose This Kind of Wardrobe Will Let Your Bedroom Twice As Large

As a professional sliding door wardrobe company, Enrich has over 10 years ecperience of supplying different wardrobes such as mirrored wardrobe closet for most customets at home and abroad. We keep up with the development and progress of the Times, and constantly enrich our design concept and product industry knowledge. Today, we want to tell you something about wardrobe.

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5 Designs Idea For You To Get the Reaching-Top Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich is the professional solution provider of kitchens, wardrobes & bathroom vanities for global projects. Not only offering beautiful products but something much more. Now, we will you that 5 designs idea for you to get the reaching-top wardrobe.

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How To Design the Best Wardrobe

Bathroom cabinets manufacturers - Enrich has over 10 years in supplying modern bathroom vanities, which also can provide custom bathroom cabinets service.Available in a multitude of styles and colours to choose. Besides, we will tell you knowledge of how to design your wardrobe.

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What Color is Good For the Wardrobe Door

Although the current home wardrobes are open-ended, for most families, traditional wardrobes are still available. So what color fitted wardrobe doors should I choose when choosing such a wardrobe? Let's follow sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich to take a look at it together.

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Space Save Open Wardrobe Design Can Put More Clothes In Your Home

How to make good use of your bedroom space? Sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich tells you that what wardrobe design can put more clothes in your home.

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The advantages of One-piece Bathroom

As the development of life quality and progress, the occurrence such as unidirectional bathroom is more in furniture life, integral whole bathroom not only environmental protection is clean, safe performance also has assured quite. Bathroom vanity units suppliers - Enrich tell you some advantages of one-piece bathroom.

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Reasonable Selection of Cabinets Based on Space

Enrich is a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, supplying various home kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and bathroom cabinets. Besides, we can provide you custom kitchen cabinets design service. Today, we will tell you some knowledge about the reasonable selection of cabinets based on space.

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Different Kinds of Refreshing Home Kitchen Decoration

Small-sized kitchens with a small kitchen decoration area often use simple one-piece cabinets. Enrich was created to be the most professional solutions provider, which can tell you different kinds of refreshing home kitchen decoration.

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What Are the Common Styles of Cabinets

Home kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular furniture in recent years. With it, the kitchen can be placed in various places to make the kitchen orderly. Today, custom kitchen cabinets supplier - Enrich will tell you what are the common styles of cabinets.

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How To Sort Out Your Wardrobe

The bedroom is an important resting place for the family. The place where we not only stay for the longest time every day but also the last safe haven for a person to keep the bedroom from being bored. Enrich will tell you how to sort out your wardrobe.

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How To Choose A Good Cabinet

The cabinet is one of the most important components of the home kitchen cabinets. When purchasing the cabinet, the quality of the cabinet must be carefully confirmed.

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How To Prevent Kitchen Cabinets Deformation In Summer

Would you confuse why home kitchen cabinets deformation in summer? Enrich as a professional supplier of home kitchen cabinets, modern bathroom vanities and sliding door wardrobe which can tell you related knowledge about kitchen cabinets deformation.

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Reason For the Cracking Quartz Stone Countertops

Countertops are part of kitchen cabinets, using different material kitchen countertops will display the different effects in the kitchen.Follow kitchen cupboards and doors supplier-Enrich tell you some special knowledge about quartz stone countertops.

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Enrich Home Kitchen Cabinets Make Life No Longer Monotonous

Home kitchen cabinets supplier-Enrich wholesale kitchen cabinets, modern bathroom vanities, sliding door wardrobe, mirrored wardrobe closet for sale for over 18 years of industry experience. Enrich home kitchen cabinets make life no longer monotonous.

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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival from Enrich.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

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