Cabinet maintenance like this can extend the service life of five years

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Cabinet maintenance articles:

1. Cabinet door maintenance: (1) The cabinet door should be cleaned and maintained with water wax, but the crystal door only needs to be wiped with a flannel dampened with warm water or neutral detergent; (2) The cabinet countertop needs to be made of water baffle, which can be avoided The water on the countertop flows down to soak the door panel, otherwise mildew and deformation will occur.





2. Cabinet body maintenance: (1) The wall cabinet has a general bearing capacity, so it can only store lighter items such as seasoning jars or glasses. Objects with large volume and weight are suitable for the base cabinet; (2) The load-bearing capacity of the wall cabinet is average, so it can only accommodate lighter items such as seasoning jars or glasses. Objects that are large in size and weight are suitable for the base cabinet.





3. Maintenance of cabinet countertops: (1) Natural stone countertops need to be cleaned with a soft scouring pad, and toluene-based cleaners cannot be used. After the scale is cleaned, do not use dilute hydrochloric acid with strong acidity, otherwise it will damage the glaze and make the countertop lose its luster; (2) For artificial stone or stainless steel countertops, only use soft towels or soft scouring pads with water or bright. (3) The cabinet countertops made of logs can only be cleaned with a feather duster, and then wipe with a dry towel moistened with a special lotion for log maintenance. Do not use a wet rag and Oil-based cleaners, otherwise it will cause the countertop to bulge due to humidity; (4) The kitchen should avoid hot pots, hot pots and colored gas liquids on the cabinet countertops, which will leave burn marks or stains, which are difficult to clean.





4. Cabinet sink maintenance: (1) When cleaning the kitchen sink daily, remember to clean the filter box together, otherwise the grease will accumulate and thicken and it will be difficult to clean up in the future. If it has accumulated too much and is difficult to clean, you can use hot water to brew a detergent to remove oil stains, and then wash it with cold water; (2) The filter box in the sink must be covered with filaments in advance, so as to avoid dishes. Chips and small debris are blocking the water pipe.


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Finally, the editor reminds you that in daily life, it is easy to ignore the maintenance of cabinets, but if you want your cabinets to be used for a longer time, the necessary maintenance is indispensable. Only if the cabinets are well maintained, the cabinets will not be easy. be damaged.